Types of Equipment Used by a Phlebotomist


One of the most critical parts of phlebotomy training is understanding the basic equipment you’ll have to use on a regular basis. Some pieces of equipment can be added. It all depends on the type of testing that’s being done.

But, your training should include how to use the following tools properly:

  •  Collection tubes with color-coded tops
  •  Needles of different sizes used for collection tubes or as a syringe
  •  Tourniquets
  •  Needle disposal units
  •  Alcohol Swabs
  •  Gloves
  •  Cotton swabs

Being knowledgeable of your equipment is essential in phlebotomy. Using the right equipment for each patient is necessary. This is all a part of being organized, too. Most phlebotomists will enter a room to draw blood with a tray. This tray should have all the necessary equipment for that individual patient.


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